Ages 1-4 years

First Dance Classes!

Little dancers enjoy their first classes and bloom into budding artists right before our eyes. Starting from as soon as they can walk, we welcome dancers to delightful ‘Mommy & Me’ lessons and watch as they graduate into combination classes with choices of ballet, tap, and tumbling.

We focus every session on wonder, discovery and fun.

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Mommy And Me

Little dancers enjoy these wonderful classes with their Moms from the time they can walk.

Art of Dance welcomes children to Mommy & Me lessons, hoping to foster the love and art of dance that so many of our dancers have carried with them throughout their lives.

Combination Classes (Combo)

Can’t decide whether your child would like tap, ballet or tumbling better?

Start your little ones off with a combination class all of these fun styles. Combo classes are available to ages 2- 7 and help foster a love of dance while keeping short attention spans engaged in learning and movement.

Little Stars

Little Stars is designed for dancers ages 4 – 6 yrs who are looking for more performance opportunities.

These classes provide an introduction to performance and dance competition. Dancers will learn new choreography and improve technique while having tons of fun! They get a chance to perform at one local competition, attend a half-day workshop, participate in Travel Troupe during the holiday season, various community events and the annual end-of-year recital.

*****To participate in Little Stars, a minimum of one combo class a week plus the Little Stars is required. Additional fees apply.

Hip Hop Tots

Our most popular class!

Little movers and groovers will get boppin’ to the beat in these fun and funky dance lessons. Join us and have a blast!  We love to welcome new little dancers to our dance studio and kids always leave this class with a smile.