Our Facility

Top 10 Things We Love About Our Studio:

  1. State of The Art Facility
    • 5 spacious rooms on 2 floors
  2. Attached Store (Essential Dance Shop)
    • One stop shop for all your dancewear needs. Register for a class and purchase all shoes and leotards in the same place.
  3. Two Way Mirrors
    • Parents can watch their children and the children cannot see the parents, so they do not lose concentration or focus
  4. Sprung Floors in All Rooms
    • Professional marley flooring for ballet and jazz and beautiful wood floors for tap. Sprung floors protect dancers’ bodies from unnecessary strain.
  5. Two Large Lobbies
    • One on each floor for adequate viewing
  6. Three Dressing Rooms
    • 2 available for girls only and 1 for boys only
  7. Quiet Room
    • Equipped with tables and is separated from other dance rooms for kids to do their homework or spend time after school while they’re waiting for siblings or friends to finish class.
  8. Snacks and Drinks
    • Water is always available inside Essential Dance Shop for the dancers
  9. Easy and Safe Parking Lot Drop- off and Pick- up
    • Pull up right to the front door. Our parking lot has two driveways so parents can drive in one side and out the other.
  10. Free Internet