Abby Tatro

Guest Teacher


Abby Tatro is a professional dancer based out of new york city. Her diverse skillset as an artist is built of experiences in live performance, company work, and film: All in various styles of dance and movement. Abby has performed at renowned theaters such as the Joyce, Sony Hall, and the Auditorium Theater (Chicago), toured the country and created original works with Coredance Contemporary Company, and danced in multiple short films: Most recently in ‘Blackbox 1’ directed by Tony Testa, to be released in 2023. While maintaining a freelance career Abby is currently touring the country with New York City Dance Alliance as the resident dance captain, teacher, and guest judge, enjoying the opportunity to give back to the next generation of dancers.

As a teacher, dancer, visual artist and lifelong student, Abby loves diving into creative endeavors, continuing to grow and learn through each process and share her love of dance with the world. She dances to connect to the innate human qualities inside of all of us and is grateful for any opportunity to do so.